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Kelly Walsh - Life Coach

Kelly Walsh, M. Ed., ACC

Owner, 1 Smart Life, LLC

Making the decision to invest in myself with a coach was one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life. This incredible experience led me to study and certify as a coach. Since then I have been working with clients but have also been anxious to create a coaching model that is accessible to more people…without a high price tag and long term contracts.


With a focus on quality, the 1 Smart Life team has come together to offer brilliant and experienced professional coaches, accessible by phone or computer, with expertise in many of the areas of life that we sometimes need a partner. This team is fantastic and is committed to helping people reach their goals and live their best life!


With our official launch in early 2013, 1 Smart Life will offer exciting and innovative services to include free tele-training seminars that focus on real matters like health, career and relationships, along with a state-of-the-art progress meter to monitor and track success.


We hope you’ll join us!

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International Coach Federation:

We are a nonprofit organization formed by individual members-professionals who practice coaching, including Executive Coaches, Leadership Coaches, Life Coaches, and many more, from around the world.


Formed in 1995, today the ICF is the leading global organization, with over 19,000 members, dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches. We exist to support and advance the coaching profession through programs and standards supported by our members and to be an authoritative source on coaching information and research for the public.


The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.



Coach Summary:


Kelly Walsh, M.Ed, ACC   Life Coach and Career Coach

Current City:  Cary, North Carolina     Hometown:  Buffalo, New York

My coaching style: 
Life is too short to be unhappy or to feel “stuck” and unfulfilled.  I love partnering with people who want something more out of life and realize that they have the choice to do something about it.  I help clients get to the root of what they really want, dream bigger, and build solutions to bridge the gap between the current state, and what they want to do, be, and have.  I coach with provocative questions and give you feedback…you’ll be amazed at how your genius comes to the surface.



Mary Ann Graham,  MBA   Career Coach

Current City: Morristown, NJ     Hometown: Gary, Indiana

My coaching style:
  I love having a joyful spirit and helping others to have the same.  I enjoy sharing the wisdom and lessons learned from my life experiences.  I love to laugh and infuse humor and insight in my coaching.  My coaching competencies include executive, leadership, sales & management, strategic business, team, performance, culture integration, retirement planning, change management and success coaching.  I consider my coaching style to be encouraging, engaging, interactive, consistent, optimistic, results focused, strengths based, thorough and caregiving.



Mitch Coggin, M.Div., ACC   Life Coach and Spirituality Coach

Current City:  Bloomington, Indiana     Hometown:  Alexander City, Alabama

My coaching style:
When you want to clarify “What do I want in every area of my life?”  “If my dreams could come true, what would that look like?”  Those are two of the questions that a coach might help you answer for yourself.   I take seriously my commitment to help you speak your desires, intentions and promises.  Then, we develop goals and action plans that are challenging and fulfilling for you.  I have a blast coaching because it enables me to love and serve you while walking beside you as you are discovering about yourself  “Hey, I’m really brilliant!”

While I am an ordained minister, in me, you will find a non-judgmental presence helping you define your own spiritual questions related to value, meaning and purpose.  During coaching, I will never tell you how to live life but, rather will help you be the architect of your own dreams (many of which you’ve yet to discover!)



Shell Tain, PCC, CPCC   Money Coach and Business Coach

The Untangler – helping you find a way out of your money knot

Born and Summered:  Wyoming     Raised:  California     Current Location:  Portland, Oregon

My coaching style: 
I’m a money coach who knows how to help people make changes. Improving the way you are with money isn’t about number crunching. I focus on how your feelings, beliefs and attitudes about money affect your progress in fulfilling your goals. My style is both playful and practical, which is saying something when the topic is money!



Shirley Michl, IHC, CPCC, ACC   Health Coach and Life Coach

Current City:  Asheville, North Carolina     Hometown:  Hobart, Indiana

My coaching style:
  I am passionate about what I do. It is such a joy to work with people and see them step into a healthier, more fulfilling life. As a health coach, my job is to connect people to the changes they want to make so they are living a healthier life, which includes mind, body, spirit and community. I recognize that every person is a unique individual, with her or his own specific set of strengths, challenges, capacities and goals. I work with each person to explore what it is they want, why that is so important, look at what is getting in the way, and work together to develop a plan to achieve their optimal health. Through listening, asking powerful questions, reframing and challenging, I help my clients to make choices that allow them to be their best.



Gloria Larson, CPC, ACC, NLP Practitioner   Relationship Coach and Life Coach

Current City: Treasure Island, Florida     Hometown: Bad Nauheim, Germany

My Coaching Style:
One of the most important aspects of everyone’s life is the status of their relationships.  That includes friends, colleagues, family, husband/wife, lovers, and sometimes the most difficult one, the one with ourselves.  We’re happy and feel good when they are “in sync” and negatively affected when they’re not.

I firmly believe that all of us have everything it takes to create the perfect relationships for ourselves and sometimes just need a hand in uncovering our unique gifts to do that. I make it my priority to help my clients build, repair and maintain all of their relationships in optimum condition. Each person has expectations of what their relationships ‘should’ be. I help my clients gain clarity by defining those dreams, desires and expectations so that they become a permanent reality.



Leesa Childress Sluder, M.A.   Executive & Business Coaching, Work Life Coaching

Current City: Mooresville/Lake Norman, NC     Hometown: Asheville, NC

My Coaching Style:
Feedback from clients about my coaching style reflects my background as a female finance executive, tempered by real life experiences including raising four children (the youngest–now 23–has an autism spectrum disorder), and facing down health challenges.  Combining fine tuned organizational skills with intuition and a masters in psychology from a school in California with the motto to heal the soul of the world, I support clients that are ready to get busy changing their lives by behaving differently. I’ve been described as the “Action Coach”–helping the client jumpstart change, all the while keeping the client’s health and well-being at the core of the coaching.