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Getting Employees Back to Work After a Mental Health Setback

Kelly Walsh, April 1, 2014

About 20 years ago, back injuries and back pain were the most expensive and concerning health problem for organizations and employees. In my work experience as a Human Resource Leader, I noticed this all changed around the year 2000. There’s a new kid in town, and his name is Depression. Read More

Listen to Kelly Walsh on Networked Wealth hosted by Will Eisenbrandt discuss entreprenuers’ struggles between professional and personal priorities

Kelly Walsh, March 11, 2014

Kelly Walsh is an executive, consultant and speaker and life coach and founder of and
The Princeton Review states that the average number of working hours for a successful starting entrepreneur is 70 per week.Listen to the Interview

Unsuccessful Job Hunt? Invest in a Life Coach

Kelly Walsh, February 17, 2014

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent data, there are currently 10.2 million unemployed persons in the U.S. That not only equates to a 6.6 percent unemployment rate, but for job seekers, tough competition when it comes to landing a job. Read More

When Collective Bargaining is All in Your Head

Professional Magazine

Kelly Walsh, February, 2014

Employers and employees are often imagined as having opposing needs where the differences can often play out into conflict, the kind that can even escalate to “Norma Rae” style proportions. Imagine employees banding together and fighting for fair labor practices and arguing that they should not be taken advantage of. Read More

Advice for transitioning from power mom to workplace maven

Kelly Walsh, February 16, 2014

One fine Thursday, after spending the week shuttling 3 pre-teen kids to different schools, friends’ homes, soccer practices, and study groups, all while coordinating groceries, laundry, toilet repair, and volunteer activities, your husband might comment, “Wow, you went through a whole tank of gas in 4 days? That’s a lot for someone who doesn’t work.” Really? Coordinating all of those lives while keeping them fed, fresh, and focused isn’t work?
Read More

Listen to Kelly Walsh on the Maria Sanchez Show discuss living life with intention


Kelly Walsh, January 21, 2014

As you cast about trying to make your New Year’s Resolutions possible, please join Maria as she visits with a Life/Personal/Executive Coach. Kelly Walsh, owner of and shares with Maria how change is possible and how to go about executing what it is that you want.
Listen to the Interview

Listen to Kelly Walsh on Networked Wealth hosted by Will Eisenbrandt discuss being a executive and life coach


Kelly Walsh, December 17, 2013

Kelly Walsh is an executive and life coach and founder of and Kelly talks about global tensions and how that affects the office environment, work/life balance and why an executive seeks out a executive life coach.
Listen to the Interview

Listen to Kelly Walsh on the Coach Me Radio Network discuss work-life balance with career coach Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Kelly Walsh, December 3, 2013

Kelly follows Jude Biju, the second half hour of the show.

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Career Coach Caroline

Broadcast on CBS, New Sky Radio, Career Coach Caroline can be heard on KMPS HD3 Seattle, WMBX HD3 Boston, WOMC HD3 Detroit, WDSY HD3 Pittsburgh. The show also streams on , the CBS Radio AOL stream, and on Yahoo radio, Blackberry, iPhone and iTunes.
Listen to the Interview

Career Watch: Paying lip service to work/life balance

Kelly Walsh December 2, 2013

Are employers taking work/life balance issues seriously, or are they just paying lip service to the idea? It’s a mix. Some employers are doing very well. SAS Institute is well known for its family-friendly style, along with Mitre, Nestle Purina PetCare and Facebook, to name a few. They have benefits such as on-campus daycare, personal services and fitness centers that frame the corporate culture. Read More

Don’t Let Stress Take Over This Holiday Season: 4 Tips for Maintaining Sanity

Kelly Walsh November 24, 2013

I am speaking from experience: for a small business owner, the stress of the holiday season is amplified. Every year, I always look forward to the holidays, but then when they actually arrive, I get stressed out because of all the extra commitments and expectations. Read More

Locally Outsourcing Employees Requires a Strategy

Kelly Walsh November 22, 2013

The Arizona Republic’s recent strategy to move its community reporters out of the office, suggesting they hunker down with company-provided laptops at local coffee shops and fast-food restaurants with free Wi-Fi, is becoming the norm for other employers, according to Kelly Walsh, PHR, a 20-year human resources professional.

In fact, a New Jersey newspaper made a similar move some years ago, Bloomberg News reported, and The Roanoke (Va,) Times closed its traditional office in 2008 and switched to “coffee shop bureaus” that put reporters in closer touch with the communities they served.

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A life coach could be just what you need to find everlasting love: Part II

Kelly Walsh November 21, 2013

Kelly Walsh is a certified life coach since 2007 and founder of the website She graciously granted the Sex and Relationships Examiner an interview on Tuesday and explained why a life coach could be just what you need to find everlasting love. Read More

A life coach could be just what you need to find everlasting love: Part I

Kelly Walsh November 20, 2013

Kelly Walsh is a life coach and founder of the website She graciously granted the Sex and Relationships Examiner an interview on Tuesday and explained why a life coach could be just what you need to find everlasting love with the right partner. Read More

Tools to Help Achieve Any Goal – Make All Your Resolutions Stick

Kelly Walsh November 3, 2013

As the New Year approaches, we often start thinking about what resolutions we want to tackle and what goals we hope to accomplish. However, year after year the vast majority of us have either given up or forgotten about our goals by February. Read More

Juggling personal relationships and professional ambitions with Kelly Walsh

Kelly Walsh, October 26, 2013

Duration: 13:54
Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Kelly Walsh discuss the following:

• Remind our listeners what is 1 Smart Life?
• One of your areas of expertise is work-life balance. Can you give our listeners some tips on how to juggle personal relationships and professional ambitions?
• Talk to us about the teeter-totter conundrum. How does that concept apply to every day life?
• Who should hire a life coach?
• What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist?
• With the extra stress of the holidays, does it make work-life balance even harder? How do you manage extra stress and unique situations?

Read More & Listen to the Interview

Start your New Year’s resolutions early to help achieve your goals

Kelly Walsh October 18, 2013

Only about 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. We put so much pressure on ourselves, but don’t actually think about a plan of action. One of your best tools is to start early – think of your resolutions now and follow these simple tools to help you on the path to achieving your goals.. Read More

The Teeter-Totter Conundrum: Achieving Work-Life Balance

Kelly Walsh, October 11, 2013

The never-ending struggle of reconciling a professional life with, well, any other kind of life, is often considered as a question of balance. How do I balance personal relationships and professional ambitions? How can I juggle the demands of my job and my family? Amid all this talk of balancing and juggling, I’d like to throw in my two cents and say that I find the best, most apt metaphor for work-life harmony to be that of a teeter-totter. Read More

Clear Communication Is Vital When Running Business

Kelly Walsh, October 4, 2013

Your phone screen lights up as a news notification appears: “President gives address from White House.” Turning to your computer to launch the Internet browser, you’re greeted by a homepage full of headlines saturated with disaster, destruction — and, of course, “shocking” reality TV revelations. Read More

Teetering on a Breakdown: 5 Tips for Work-Life Balance

Kelly Walsh, October 2, 2013

How do I achieve work-life balance?

As a life and career coach, I get this question all the time. Even if you’ve never explicitly asked this of yourself or someone else, you’ve most certainly danced around it or raised it subconsciously while trying to both finish a client’s report, make it to a friend’s party or decide whether it’s worth it to take a long weekend. Read More

Kelly Walsh of 1SmartLife, offering convenient and affordable personal coaching to executives nationwide

Kelly Walsh, September 28, 2013

Duration: 17:58
Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Kelly Walsh discuss the following:

• What is 1 Smart Life?
• What inspired you to open your own personal coaching/executive coach agency?
• Please describe why every CEO needs their own life coach?
• Why is 1 Smart Life different from any other personal coaching agency?
• What is some advice you can give to people who may want to hire a life coach but do not know where to begin?
• Where do you see 1 Smart Life a year from now?
• Where can people go to start a session and do you offer any resources for people that may want to get started but first want to see what life coaching is all about?

Read More & Listen to the Interview

Finding Work-Life Balance is Really a Game of Teeter-Totter

Kelly Walsh September 23, 2013

You’ve heard this before: It’s just so difficult to juggle a job and a home life. I’m having a hard time juggling all these responsibilities. You’ve probably said it yourself at some point–it’s a common metaphor for balancing the professional and the personal because it’s an apt one. You might feel as though you’re the one performing for an audience of family, friends, coworkers, bosses, dealing with one thing after another in an amazing feat of circus-worthy coordination. Read More

How To Manage Employees on Social Media

Kelly Walsh September 23, 2013

Social media is here to stay and companies who try to block their employees from using it during work hours are making a big mistake. It may seem that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are productivity sappers, but study after study shows it actually enhances work. Read More

The Ripple Effect: Current Events’ Impact on Office Climate

CEO Blog Nation, September 18, 2013

Once again, global news is soaked in turmoil, provocation, and apprehension as the world awaits a forthcoming U.S. action regarding the conflict in Syria. The media coverage of rhetorical back and forth has become nothing short of omnipresent, a dull roar in the background of our everyday lives as Democrats argue with Republicans, political pundits throw around their credentialed weight, and Putin’s dour face peers from the homepages of news across the globe At a time like this, when there’s more speculation than actual news, the effect of continuous media coverage becomes sharply visible, particularly in professional environments where the psychological collateral damage means employers are left holding the bag from workers engaging in news but disengaging in work. Read More

Re-Evaluating HR Budgets And Bonuses

Ann Meyer, August, 2013

Better-than-average employment packages can help companies recruit and retain workers, while those paying below-market wages might see turnover increase. “We’re going to have an interesting play where people who have given up on Walmart will go down the street to another big box store to apply with better benefits,” says Kelly Walsh, owner and president of 1 Smart Life in Cary, N.C. “Employees are smart. They know other people who are doing what they’re doing [and earning more].” Read More

Statistics Drawn From More Than 650,000 Applications and More Than 1,100 Lenders Indicate People Are Applying for Mortgages 24/7 (and Often During Work Hours)

Marketwired, June 11, 2013

HR Consultant Says Employers Will See Productivity Increase by Allowing Reasonable Personal Activities During Working Hours MEQUON, WI–(Marketwired – Jun 11, 2013) – America has fallen in love with TV time-shifting. Viewers record programs when they air and then watch when it’s convenient — sometimes over two or three viewing sessions. It turns out that people also love time-shifting when it comes to applying for a mortgage to purchase or refinance a home. An analysis by of more than 650,000 online applications to more than 1,100 U.S. lending institutions during 2012 indicates that technology allows people to apply for mortgages 24/7, and often during work hours. Mortgage Marvel is owned by D+H Mortgagebot, a leading provider of secure and reliable mortgage and consumer lending technology to lending institutions nationwide. Read More

Why Do People Apply for Mortgages During Work Hours?

Natalie Terchek, June 11, 2013

Studies show it has become more common for employees to apply for mortgages and take care of other personal business during regular office hours. Technology has given people an opportunity to work at their own convenience. People take advantage of this when they are watching TV shows, listening to podcasts, and now applying for mortgages. It has been confirmed that people on apply for mortgages 24/7, especially during work hours, according to the latest analysis by Harris Interactive. Read More

Free Your Mind – Tired of being so stressed out? May is Mental Health Month, and we’ve got helpful ways to clear the mental clutter and ease your mind.

Sarah W. Caron, May 15, 2013

You know the drill. You’ve been trying to focus on work for the last hour, but you can’t seem to make any progress. Your mind is going in a million directions and it’s getting you nowhere. Or maybe you’ve been trying to fall asleep, but the harder you try to relax, the more awake you become because those thoughts just won’t stop. Mental clutter is the worst. Besides taking you away from what you should be doing, it saps your energy and leaves you totally stressed out. What can you do to combat it? Read More

Did I Hit Your Funny Bone? – How to use humor (the right way) in the workplace

Claudia Reynolds, MA

So what is humor? says it’s “the faculty of perceiving what is amusing or comical,” and “an instance of being or attempting to be comical or amusing.” Both these definitions are true, but tricky because what one person finds amusing, another might find offensive, and the workplace is no place to hone your act. Read More