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Reinvention as a Choice – 1SmartLife TV


What labels have you chosen or have been placed on you that you accept?
How are they serving you?


You have a choice to keep the labels you like and to change or leave behind the rest.


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Kelly Walsh, M.Ed, ACC Owner, 1 Smart LifeAuthor: 
Kelly Walsh, M.Ed, ACC | Owner, 1 Smart Life

Over the past 18 years, Kelly has successfully coached business leaders and people from all walks of life to reach their highest potential. With a Master’s in counseling, professional coach and mediation certifications, and 20 years of Human Resources experience, she has successfully helped others define their dreams and create pathways to success. She is the creator and owner of 1 Smart Life, LLC a new style of personal coaching with a team of experts in all of life’s challenging areas.

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