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What we Say about Money without Speaking! Class begins on June, 10th

We all know that our thoughts and behaviors about money are, unfortunately, fraught with emotion.  How do we communicate that emotion to ourselves and others?  Mostly through non-verbal ways.  It’s our demeanor, our tone, how we use our body that tells people how we feel.  And others then respond to the feelings.


Often when we are misunderstood it’s not what we say, as much as what we communicate non-verbally that is creating the confusion.


Non-verbal communication is just what my guest, Rachel Beohm, is going to be helping us with.


We are going to learn:


And I’m sure some more as Rachel and I dance with the topic of non-verbal communication and money.


This call will not only give you news insights and techniques, but no doubt surprise you.


Date: Tuesday, June 10th

Time: 10:15 a.m. Pacific (1:15 p.m. Eastern)


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