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Announcing the Smart 6 Life Focus Quiz

13239552_sAre you satisfied?

Is your life out of balance?

How would you even know?


If knowing the answers to these questions is worth 10 minutes of your time, we’ve got a new resource for you.


As they say in business, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Taking the time to track and evaluate your satisfaction in different areas is a good way to start reaching your best life. Having the tools to measure these very important personal metrics is critical when life’s distractions cause us to lose focus on what is really important.


Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Smart 6 Life Focus Quiz.


This proprietary new tool will help you:

  1. Measure your satisfaction in areas of Career, Health and Wellness, Life, Spirituality, Money and Relationships;
  2. Compare satisfaction levels across each of the 6 different categories, and;
  3. Evaluate and track the results over time.


With these results, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What areas of your life are you most satisfied with?
  2. How do these areas compare? For example, are you satisfied with your career and relationship balance? Or within the Relationship category, are you satisfied with things like support vs. conflict?
  3. Over time, how are you progressing in your satisfaction of each area? In other words, is your satisfaction with certain areas of your life growing?

How it Works:

The Smart 6 Life Focus Quiz consists of 6 questions in 6 different life areas. Each is designed to help you measure your life satisfaction in these areas on a numerical scale. Within each of the different areas, category breakdowns serve to further identify levels of satisfaction. For example, within the Career Category you’ll find Work, Pay, Environment, Work Load, Respect, and Path.


There are no right or wrong answers, you are simply responding based on how true a statement is for you at a given time.


A bar chart shows a graphical breakdown of your results on a satisfaction scale.




Each time you take the Smart 6 Life Focus Quiz, a slightly different but related set of questions will be presented for you to answer. Each is designed to help you capture a picture of where you are at that time, and compare to previous results.


As you take the quiz periodically, watch your progress and celebrate successes as you work on the desired areas.


Click here to create your Smart 6 Life Focus Quiz account and start measuring for success today.

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Kelly Walsh, M.Ed, ACC Owner, 1 Smart LifeAuthor: 
Kelly Walsh, M.Ed, ACC | Owner, 1 Smart Life

Over the past 18 years, Kelly has successfully coached business leaders and people from all walks of life to reach their highest potential. With a Master’s in counseling, professional coach and mediation certifications, and 20 years of Human Resources experience, she has successfully helped others define their dreams and create pathways to success. She is the creator and owner of 1 Smart Life, LLC a new style of personal coaching with a team of experts in all of life’s challenging areas.

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