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Wisdom from Mom

kellyandmomMoms are the best. There is something about their wisdom we can learn from, mom or not. Motherhood is a journey that I barely understand so I thought I’d go straight to the source and interview my Mom to find out just what some of her tips for raising great kids (ahem) still held up today. I hope my grammar check is on…she’ll notice!


Here’s what she, the lovely June Walsh, one of great wisdom, had to say:

  1. Relax more, worry less. She wishes she trusted her intuition more and could have known that some of the little things…were truly just little things.
  2. Have dinner as a family whenever possible. Mom worked full time too but always got a meal on the table (some fancy, some not) and she said those were the best memories she has when we’d all regroup and share about our day.
  3. Know your kids’ friends and families and then trust them after teaching/warning them. If you did your job, you don’t have to keep your thumb on them….trust until you hear otherwise.
  4. Always be honest when talking to kids and teaching them. You can’t expect that if you don’t give it.
  5. Tell your kids it’s safe to tell you anything and mean it. Don’t act shocked, rather take it in, accept and discuss. That will lead to more open communication.
  6. a. Do things as a family – because you are making memories!
    b. Each parent should do things with each individual child too…to make each feel special.
  7. Encourage kids to reach for big goals even if it means they travel far and you are home worrying! They don’t need to concern themselves about that.
  8. Encourage education. It is freedom. The more you have, the more options you have. (Author’s note…And she means it! On a recent visit to see Mom in Florida, she planned a day for us at a local college…taking a constitutional law class! Really Mom, on my vacation?)
  9. Give them Faith…they will need it during the tough times.
  10. You are never through being a parent…but that’s the best part.

I tried to get her to tell me that I was her favorite but she still doesn’t fall for that one. I also tried to cut down the list to maybe 6 tips…but who is going to edit their Mom? Not me. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms, and Mom-like ladies out there. You are special and loved for your words, deeds, sacrifices, loyalty, and countless other qualities. You are appreciated beyond what we ever think to tell you. Thanks Mom.


Kelly Walsh, M.Ed, ACC Owner, 1 Smart LifeAuthor: 
Kelly Walsh, M.Ed, ACC | Owner, 1 Smart Life

Over the past 18 years, Kelly has successfully coached business leaders and people from all walks of life to reach their highest potential. With a Master’s in counseling, professional coach and mediation certifications, and 20 years of Human Resources experience, she has successfully helped others define their dreams and create pathways to success. She is the creator and owner of 1 Smart Life, LLC a new style of personal coaching with a team of experts in all of life’s challenging areas.

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